Camp BC – Drink Coffee.

Sunday morning we signed up for Drink Coffee Do Stuff. The first half of this activity was Coffee 101. Before the presentation, we grabbed donuts from Glazed & Confuzed. I tried the Cookie Monster, which is their Plain Jane blue vanilla icing donut topped with chocolate chip cookies. It was a tasty donut. Definitely sweeter than what I’d typically get, but better tasting than those “over-the-top” donut spots like Voo Doo Donut in Portland.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff is a coffee roasting company based in Truckee, CA that was founded by Nick Visconti. The idea came to him when he was in the Swiss Alps snowboarding. Basically, coffee fuels people to do stuff – which I totally agree with. I know that most of the time I don’t try to communicate with people in the office until I have my glass of coffee. I like to joke that I cannot operate without coffee. Anyways, the coffee Drink Coffee Do Stuff sources are grown from 4,000 to 9,000 ft.

After giving us a background story about himself and the company, he gave us a demo on how best to brew coffee. I wish I took notes so I could jot it all down and make my coffee the same way, or just have it noted on my blog, but unfortunately, I don’t have that information. I’ll try to reach out to Nick for more info. Anyways, the coffee he brewed for us was the Basecamp Blend. I absolutely loved the lemon backing of the coffee. SO DELICIOUS. Super bummed I didn’t get a full cup of coffee, BUT I did get a 12oz bag of whole coffee beans to brew at home!


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