Camp BC – Do Stuff.

The second half of our Drink Coffee Do Stuff activity was a snowshoe hike up Van Sickle Bi State Park. We were going to hike up and look for the waterfall. S and I met up with Jess at the parking lot behind the Raley’s on Lake Tahoe Blvd. I had quite the difficult time putting on my snowshoes. The buckle on the snowshoe was confusing, so I found a way to secure the shoe around my boot and I hoped for the best! We found a trail in the snow that looks like it was made by snowboarders and skiers so we followed it up.

Let me tell you this, I am OUT OF SHAPE. And being at 6000 ft elevation, this snowshoe adventure kicked my butt! We constantly had to take quick breaks just to catch our breath, but the views… The untouched snow that glistened in the sunlight. Snow-capped trees that “rained” powder when a nice breeze came by or a squirrel hurried past on the branches. Blue skies with some clouds in the horizon. The crystal lake. Being winded was well worth that view. Unfortunately, my we were on the wrong trail and didn’t make it to the waterfall, but then again, the signs to the waterfall were probably buried under snow. (Also, the waterfall was on the Nevada side).


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