Camp BC – Arts & Crafts.

Our second Arts & Crafts session we made Felt Pennants. We were provided with the felt pennant and felt for our letters/decorations, as well as premade words that fit the pennants perfectly. I opted to made an “Adventure” pennant because of one of my favorite quotes :

What is life but one grand adventure.

Not sure who said this as I could not find it on Google, but I came across it several times on Pinterest and I agree! Life is an adventure!

Anyways! Back to our Arts & Crafts, everyone grabbed their base and the colors they wanted to do for their lettering. I thought “Oh, let me trace the letters against the window!” However, when I started cutting out the letters, I realized I messed up. I should’ve had the letters backwards, so I didn’t have the lines made by the marker show. This caused me to have messy skinny letters. But my mistake helped everyone have great letters (or at least I like to think they took my advice).

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