The Press.

My sister and Jeff scheduled a couple of wedding venue tours since they were in town. We had a couple of appointments booked on Friday, and we had some time between our 1st stop and 2nd, so we stopped by The Press in Pleasanton to grab some brunch. The parking lot was a bit full, but we managed to snag a spot right up front. When you walk into The Press, there are a couple of seats/ tables inside, and a counter where you place your order. When we walked in, there was a line of about 5 groups ahead of us, but it went by pretty quickly. The menu board was a bit hard to read from the back of line, and the paper menus were up at the register (wish the person tending to the line to see if they needed a table gave us paper menus).

I ended up ordering:

  • Morning Rise Sammie ($8) – 2 eggs, cheddar, bacon, spring mix, tomato, tomato jam, and aioli on ciabatta
  • Ricotta + Fresh Fruit + Honey Acme Toastini ($5) – ricotta cheese, strawberry, apple, banana, blueberry, chia seeds, and honey on a toasted piece of bread
  • Cold Brew

I thought the sandwich was pretty tasty. My over-easy egg was perfect. The bacon was cut a bit thicker than normal (but not a thick cut slice of bacon if that makes sense). I wish I tasted more of the aioli, but I would def order again. The ricotta toast was yummy, but I wish I wasn’t so full from the breakfast sammie, but I did finish it. The bananas and apples were the real winners.

My family ordered:

  • Smoked Turkey Pesto ($9.75) – smoked turkey, pesto, provolone, brie, and tomato on levain. Served with organic mixed greens salad
  • Smoked Turkey Tomato Jam ($9.75) – smoked turkey, tomato jam, provolone, and brie on levain. Served with organic mixed greens salad.
  • B.L.E.T. ($9.50) – bacon, mixed greens, egg, tomato, and aioli on levain. Served with organic mixed greens salad.
  • Avocado Tripled Cheese ($9.50 + $0.50) – Avocado, cheddar, provolone, and brie on levain. Served with fruit (additional $0.50 when substituting fruit or soup instead of salad).

Overall we were overall happy and satisfied with the food we ordered. I’d definitely go back (especially with all the outdoor seating and they’re super dog friendly!)

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