There are some days that I would like to turn off my Facebook “On This Day” notifications. I do like to be reminded of the good ol’ days, but some of my Facebook wall posts from a decade ago can be cringe worthy. Anyways, last year around this time T and I were enjoying the beautiful Japan and one of the places we thoroughly enjoyed was this yakitori restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan called Torigin Ginza Honten. So good! We went there twice, and I still think about both our meals there! The yakitori, or Japanese chicken skewers, were so delicious and so affordable (170 JPY at skewer). The chicken was cooked to perfection that you didn’t need any sauces, just a nice sprinkle of salt. Just thinking about their Torikawa-yaki, or chicken skin, is making my mouth water! Well, I had a major craving for yakitori, so I turned to trusty Yelp for suggestions and we ended up at Sumiya in San Jose.

Sumiya offers skewers, small plates, noodles/ soup, rice, salads, etc, but we were here strictly for skewers. The skewer orders come with 2 skewers unless stated otherwise. We ordered:

  • Chicken Thigh (Mi) w/ Sauce – 2 skewers/ $6 – the chicken was moist and covered in a soy based sauce. My boyfriend preferred the sauce over the salt version.
  • Chicken Thigh (Mi) w/ Salt – 2 skewers/ $6 – I personally preferred this over the sauced version.
  • Chicken Knee Cartilage (Nankotsu) w/ Salt  2 skewers/ $5 – the cartilage provided a nice crunch.
  • Chicken Breast (Sasami) w/ Yuzugoshou Sauce – 2 skewers/ $7 – The yuzu sauce is a spicy citrus sauce, which we did not think it was spicy but you can definitely taste the citrus.
  • Chicken Breast (Sasami) w/ Wasabi – 2 skewers/ $7
  • Chicken Wings (Teba) w/ Garlic – 2 skewers/ $7 – the garlic taste was very subtle. Could use more flavor.
  • Pork Belly (Butabara) w/ Salt – 2 skewers/ $7 – pork belly was tender.
  • Beef (Kalbi) w/ Salt – 2 skewers/ $9 – the beef was served with ponzu radish and green onions.
  • Duck Breast w/ Salt – 2 skewers/ $8 – probably my favorite skewer of the night (behind the beef).
  • Cherry Tomato w/ salt – 2 skewers/ $5 – the tomatoes were surprisingly really good! I even enjoyed this more than some of the chicken skewers
  • Yellowtail (Hamachi) w/ – 1 skewer/ $6 – the fish was dry and needed that splash of lemon
  • Grilled Garlic (Yaki Ninniku)
  • Sapporo Draft (16oz) – $5
  • Large Hot Sake $6

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