31st Union.

Happy Hour was long overdue for Penny and I, especially since she left our office and joined “the dark side” (and by dark side is that she left and got a better job haha). We were originally going to meet in Burlingame at 6, but because of lovely Bay Area traffic, I was running extremely late and we ended up changing locations to 31st Union in San Mateo. It did not click in my head that I’ve been here before, but then I realized we celebrated my sister’s birthday there a couple of years ago. I lucked out when I pulled up to the restaurant passed close to 7pm because there was street parking right out in front of the restaurant. I walked in and saw Penny at the bar (we typically sit at the bar… no point in getting a table).

We ordered:

  • House Cut Kennebec Fries ($6) – seasoned with herbs and sea salt. Served with ketchup and an aioli. Fries were pretty standard. Nice and crispy on the outside but fluffy in the inside.
  • Artisan Cheese Board ($18.50/3)- Purple Moon, Fiscalini (cow); Humboldt Fog, Cypress Grove Creamery (goat); and Estero Gold, Valley Ford Creamery (cow). Served with local honey, fruit, olives, and crackers. Purple Moon is a cheddar that is soaked in a Cabernet. It was OK, but nothing really memorable to me. I really enjoyed the Humboldt Fog cheese. It was nice and creamy and the taste was very pleasant and light. The Estero Gold is a hard cheese that reminds me of Parmigiano. Very full bodied, more of Penny’s taste, but still tasty.
  • Housemade Ricotta Gnocchi ($16) – Roasted baby carrots, charred spring onions, carrot top almond pesto. This dish was DELISH !! The gnocchi was cooked to perfecting. Nice browning from cooking, but pillowy softness inside. All the flavors worked well. I’m still dreaming about this.
  • Roasted Pork Belly Tacos ($15) – Celery root and cabbage slaw. Penny ordered this dish. I had a bite and it was pretty tasty. The pork belly was nice and soft. Great contrast in texture from the slaw. The sauce that accompanied it was great.

This place filled up pretty quick after 7. The tables were all full and so was the bar top. Served from the lovely bartender was great! She was very helpful when it came to recommendations and her suggestions were awesome! She suggested the gnocchi and our cheese selections! Also, our water was constantly filled and she always came by to see if we needed a new cocktail. I’ll definitely come back!

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