AutoCamp Russian River – Day 1, Airstream 8, and the property.

A couple of months ago I posted “Glamping” where I talked about AutoCamp Russian River. AutoCamp allowed you to be “one with nature” glamorously.  To find out more about the place, check out my “Glamping” post!

Anyways, it was finally the time for us to make our way to Guerneville and relax! We pulled up to the property and found parking in their private lot. We were greeted with the red radio flyers and blue beach cruiser bicycles.

T took Pepper on a quick walk in the grove and I checked in inside the clubhouse. Checking-in was a breeze. I gave them my name and they quickly looked at my photo ID. Then she gave me a parking pass for my car, a map of the property, and the access code to our Airstream. She let us know that our hot water in our Airsteam ran for about 10 minutes at a time and to give it about 20 minutes before running another hot shower, or we could use the showers in the clubhouse. Then we were on our way to Airsteam 8, which would be our home of the next couple of days. Our Airsteam was one of their “Premium” Airstreams, which meant ours was in the “outskirts” of the property. With a seasonal creek running in the back of our Airsteam. What was nice about Airstream 8 was that when we looked past the creek, we still saw trees and not homes, which added to our privacy.

When you first walk up to the Airstream, you see the fire pit with 2 wire chairs around it, a small wooden table with 4 chairs, and a deck. To enter, input the code provided and the light will turn green indicating the door can open. The code can be changed to make it easier to remember (we changed it to 1-2-3-4 haha).


Upon entering the Airstream, you see a sofa/futon that pulls out into a full size bed. To the left of the sofa was foldable TV tray table, an LED lamp to take outside, and the controls to the built-in audio sound system with MP3 input. We tried to hook up our phones to it, but it was a bit difficult and when it finally connected, this buzzing noise would not go away so we just stopped using it. Next to the door on the right was a luggage stand, which we used as a stand for the water we brought. To the left of the door was a pouf that could be used to sit, 3 Dura Flame Roasting Logs, and a beach towel. We just stored stuff on top. I realized I never took a picture of the sofa, so here is T adjusting a fan in the ceiling that shows the sofa. Also, T is 6’1″ so you can gauge the height inside the Airstream.

Note: Try to bring your own charcoal or Dura Flame Roasting logs! Depending on how long your stay is, you may need more than 3 roasting logs. I accidentally purchased the regular Dura Flame logs, which cannot be used for cooking. AutoCamp sells the Dura Flame Roasting Logs for $2.50 each. They do sell a small bag of charcoal, but I did not see the price. For our total stay of 4 days (3 nights) we used 8 logs.

Also to the left of the entrance was the mini kitchen, with a sink that had a window that overlooked the fire pit. Also, in the mini kitchen area was some storage space where you can find extra linens, a microwave, and a mini fridge, which had a small “freezer” section. Ice could be purchased at the clubhouse for a small fee. The mini fridge should be set to a temperature of 3. Anything higher can cause a surge, which you can fixed using the circuit breaker inside one of the cabinet’s in the kitchen. There was an electronic water kettle, a French press, coffee grounds, and tea bags. A cast-iron skillet was provided, but it was a bit rusted so we used our own. There was silverware, glassware, mugs, side plates, plates, and bowls for 4. In the drawers were tongs and a spatula. Also, we had knives and a cutting board. AutoCamp provided some matches. There was a sponge and dish soap and paper towels.

In the bedroom, we found a queen-sized Casper bed with 4 fluffy feature pillows. The bedroom area had ample windows and a skylight that provided wonderful natural light. Some of the windows we were able to open. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the window behind the bed to open, which would’ve been nice to hear the creek. Also in the room was a small flat-screen TV, an alarm clock, and some storage.

The bathroom, which could be found at the other end of the Airstream had a toilet, a sink, a vanity mirror, a large mirror behind the sliding door, and a large shower with toiletries. After learning that the shower did not provide great water pressure, so we mostly used the clubhouse showers.

After we got settled into our Airstream, we decided to cook some turkey dogs and have a snack. T built a fire using the Dura Flame logs AutoCamp provided and cooked some of the links in the cast iron skillet. I brought some shopped onions, ketchup, regular mayo, wasabi mayo, and hot dog buns.

Note: BRING FOIL! Foil will make cleanup so much easier! All the soot that builds up from the open-flame cooking can be a pain to clean up.

After lunch, we walked around the property and sat on the swing chairs by the clubhouse and people watched for a bit. When the cornhole and ring toss cleared up, we played a coupe of rounds and let Pepper run around and chase her ball. Dinner was more hot dogs and chili that we cooked over the fire in one of our personal cast iron pots). We were so exhausted from the drive and getting settled in that we slept like babies.

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