Lake Tahoe – West Shore | Chamber’s Landing


For Memorial Weekend, we decided to make our way to Tahoe. T’s Grammy has a cabin on the West Shore and since we didn’t have any plans and no one was going to be in the cabin, we thought this would be a perfect time to go!

We made the 4 hour trek to Tahoe with a very anxious pup. Maybe she gets carsick? Anyways, once we got to the cabin, we let her walk around before we made our way to Chamber’s Landing. They have a cute little bar/ restaurant right on the dock with a dog-friendly beach. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the dock. Chamber’s Landing was a quick 8 minute walk from the cabin so that was perfect!

T talked about the infamous “Chamber’s Punch” and how he remembered his father always talking about it, but T never had his own after turning 21. So of course, we had to try it! We found a perfect spot to sit on the dock while Pepper stayed down on the beach.

The Chamber’s Punch was like a frozen margarita with a floater. It was pretty tasty, but nothing too strong. We had a couple of punches each and hung out on the beach. It was a tad chilly, but we tried to get Pepper into the water. It was freezing cold and she didn’t enjoy it much. Note: Pepper is a MOUNTAIN dog, not a WATER dog!

For dinner, we made our way to Squaw because there were not many dog-friendly options in the Homewood/ Tahoe City area. Squaw was buzzing with dogs and their families so that was nice to know. Of course, being on the resort food and drinks were a bit pricier.

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