Succulents – Plant Shelfie.


For a couple of weeks my succulents were sitting on the floor of my balcony. It hurt my back and was too easy for Pepper to knock over or destroy my succys, so I finally went to Lowes and purchased cinder blocks ($2 each) and some wood ($4.93 each) and made some shelves!


This set of shelves (picture above taken on May 2, 2018) is along the back “fence/wall” of our apartment patio. It gets plenty of indirect sunlight and then receives direct sunlight late in the afternoon (4-6pm ish).


The other side of my patio gets more direct sun majority of the day and has one shelf there (picture above was taken May 2, 2018… do you see Pepperella’s head in the bottom right corner? She’s such a curious pup). Sun starts creeping into the patio at about 11am now that it’s almost summer. I didn’t make it a double decker because I didn’t think the sun would make it to the bottom shelf. I’ll probably buy more materials to test it out.

I’ve been playing around with what plants should go where. Most of the plants on the bottom shelf of the double decker are duplicates, so I have one on the bottom shelf, as well as the shelf that gets more direct sunlight just to see which is best for them.

Anyways! Here are pictures that were taken on May 6, 2016 of some of my succulents on the top shelf of the double decker. If you can’t already tell, I’ve displayed my favorite planters/containers on this shelf.

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