Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA


I finally found some time of make my way down to Castroville to check out Succulent Gardens, which is a specialty succulent and cacti nursery. Yes, my plant obsession is still going strong! So my mom and I made the hour and 17 minute drive down. We got there a little after they opened at 9, which was a great thing because it got WARM really fast!

I was in awe! There were so many succulents I’ve never come across at my local nurseries or Home Depot or Lowes! Most of them I recognized from all the succulent IGs that I follow.

I grabbed a wagon to put my plants in and went to town! I was a bit sad that there were many plants that were not available for sale (yet), but that’s just another excuse for me to go back!

There were some cute displays around the property, but since it was pretty warm my mom was not up for exploring – which again… another reason to go back!

Also in the back of one of the greenhouses were planters and soil toppers! This place was too much fun. I could’ve spent HOURS here… and would’ve spent a lot more than I did!

Oh! and BONUS POINTS for being dog-friendly… I shall bring the pups next time!

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