Wine & Wags Livermore 2018


Livermore Valley’s dog-friendly wineries held a special event on June 3rd called Wine & Wags where they partnered up with local rescues and hosted dogs and their owners! I thought this event was awesome and we had to show our support to Love & Second Chances as they were at Garre!

Our first stop of our vineyard crawl was Wente! There we picked up our wine glasses, our wristbands, and some toys for Pepper! Wente set up some pools for the dogs to play in. She wasn’t about that life. And yes, I added a flower on her Star Wars collar so people knew she was a girl (she gets mistaken for a boy all the time). At Wente we were able to get 3 tastings, which were all pretty tasty. The chardonnay was excellent, and T and I are not huge chard fans!


After Wente, we made our way down Tesla Rd and found ourselves at BoaVentura. Parking was a bit tight, but we found some parking and got our first wine tasting (chard) and found some seats in the shade. BoaVentura offered us two tastings and the chard was so much better than the red. The red was… interesting. Even the lady who poured it suggested just the white ;]


Our next stop was Garre, where Love & Second Chances were. I completely fell in love with one of the puppies they had there that was available for adoption! She was such a sweetheart and totally melted my heart! We did express our interest, but T told me to sleep on it.. (She later got adopted by another family). I believe we had 3 tastings at Garre.

After Garre, we went to Steven Kent, where they gave us 4 tastings: a rose and 3 reds. We didn’t stay at Steven Kent for too long because we wanted to make our way to as many vineyards as we could so we kept it moving and went to Page Mill. Page Mill gave us 2 tastings. There, we took pictures at a photobooth and Pepper met another FMD!


Our final stop of the day was Las Positas Vineyard. They gave Pepper a treat tasting of her own! She enjoyed all the treats they gave her, homemdae doggy cookies, and a new ball! Their pours were GREAT! The quantity was almost double/triple what the other places were pouring and the wine was tasty! We ended up purchasing 2 bottles of their cab.


We enjoyed this event so much that we can’t wait for the next one! Hopefully next time more friends/family can join us!

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