Propagating Succulents pt.1

As you may know, my love for succulent is back… and stronger than ever! I’ve made my little work station outside, made shelves out of wood and cinder blocks, bought a mini greenhouse, and spent way too much money on plants knowing damn well I do NOT have a green thumb. Most of my day is spent looking at plants, reading blogs about plants, buying plants, basically ANYTHING that have to do with succulents.

I. Am. Obsessed.

1. breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock

I decided to give propagating succulents a try after reading the blog post by Succulents and Sunshine. She made it sound so… easy! The top two pictures are my first round of propagation leaves. Is that even a term? Anyways, these leaves I let dry out/callous for 2 days and then placed on soil, which I water with a spray bottle every couple of days. So far only one leaf sprouted roots. This has been going on since May 22nd. Many leaves have shriveled up or dried out so I’ve tossed a bunch. These are my hopeful bunch.

While searching #propagationstation on IG, I read several plant-parents say dry-propagation is easier. So I decided to go with a different approach with my next set of leaves. These leaves are laying on a bed of pumice, but I will not water them at all. They’re sitting on the 3rd shelf of my greenhouse where they will get plenty of indirect sunlight. Let’s see how these do!

Both set of pictures were taken on 06/05/2018. I need to start documenting this more…

Then again, anyone who knows me knows I am not patient. Propagating will take weeks… months… even years! Oh my. We’ll see how I do… WISH ME LUCK!

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