Plant Mail – Atlas Succulent Co

Whoever said #plantmailisthebestmail wasn’t lying! OK… maybe not the BEST mail, but it sure is up there! Last week, while browsing on my succulent IG feed, I noticed @atlassucculentco was having a sale, so of course I started adding everything in my cart and the impulse buyer in me ended up making a purchase! All I wanted to originally buy was the Echeveria Avocado Cream, but I ended up purchasing:

  • Echeveria Avocado Cream Cluster – 4” – 5”
  • Echeveria Orange Monroe Cluster – 3.5” – 4”
  • Echeveria Brave – 3”
  • Echeveria Onslow Cluster – 3.5”
  • Echeveria Mexensis Zargosa – 2.5”
  • Echeveria Chrissy N’ Ryan Cluster – 4.5”
  • Echeveria Olivia Cluster – 2.5”
  • Echeveria Arze Cluster – 4”

Since @atlassucculentco was pretty local to me, we agreed for an in-person drop-off. We met up in Sunnyvale. Although it was a very quick exchange, she seemed super nice! AND she included a bonus succy! A Graptopetalum Pachyphyllum Bluebeans! I already had one in my collection, but the one I had previously purchased from Highway 92 Succulents has a mixture of blue and purple, while the one that @atlassucculentco is a pretty orange and yellow color! The plants she gave me were all so beautiful and healthy! So happy with my purchase! She had the plants in boxes stuffed with krinkle paper fill with a care card. She even included plastic plant labels with their names on it! Super helpful!

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