Plant Mail – Succulents By Vee.

At the end of May, I participated in @succulentsbyvee’s presale on instagram. What she would do is post pictures of the items she will be selling and whoever comments “SOLD” in the comments section will get the item. She noted that the pictures were not of the actual plants being sold, but pictures of what the grower supplied her with (except for the Subcorymbosa, she provided pictures of the clusters that were being shipped). I ended up purchasing the following:

  • Echeveria Black Queen ($26)
  • Echeveria Primera Cluster ($20)
  • Echeveria Halginberri ($8)
  • Echeveria Subcorymbosa Lau30 ($23)

Since the items were part of a presale, I received free shipping.


I finally received my items on June 21st via USPS. The items were nicely wrapped in pink and purple tissue paper.

To be completely honest, the Black Queen was the only succulent that actually looked like what was pictured on her IG. The Black Queen that was sent to me was about 2.5″ wide. I was expecting a nice pink hue from the Primera, but the white and pink is also nice. I wasn’t expecting the heads to be so tiny, but they’re beautiful none the less. The Halginberri was definitely smaller than anticipated. The Subcorymbosa was pretty disappointing. It looked nothing like the picture she provided. I’m guessing it may be due to stress from shipping from overseas, customs, and then shipping between her and me.

Overall, @succulentsbyvee still provided me with great service. She let me know that the Primera cluster separated during shipping and asked if I still wanted it, which I said Yes. Would I purchase from her again? Probably. I’ll definitely put into consideration ordering items that are actually shown in the pictures.

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