29Rooms – SF

When 29Rooms announced they were going to open up a location in SF for 3 days, I had to jump at the opportunity to buy tickets! Luckily, T and I scored tickets for the last day, June 24th at 11a-2p. We even got tickets for his friends come along with us.

29Rooms is described as an exhibit that is comprise of 29 “rooms” from different artists that showcase their self-expression and imaginations.


The San Francisco exhibit was located in the old Exploratorium building at Palace of Fine Arts. Before going to 29Rooms, I was expecting there to be actual rooms, but some places were just a backdrop or some type of “structure” that was labeled as a “room.” There was a line established for each “room” so just to look or take a photo, there was a wait of like 15 minutes, so we ended up just visiting a couple of rooms.

3 – Art Heals. This “room” featured paper sphere/lanterns where you can grab a paint brush and paint something on a lantern. This was in collaboration with The Are of Elysium.

5 – Love is Love. This room showcased a rainbow and the words “Love is Love” which is supposed to be a reminder for everyone that you should love yourself and whoever you want to love. This was in collaboration with Kate Moross.

6 – Ocean of Creativity. This “room” is to represent our life journey and that we have limitless potential and possibilities. This was in collaboration with Jeeyoung Lee.


7 – Shred It. In this room, we were a given a piece of paper where we could write down what brings us down and to shred it and let it go. As a joke, T wrote down my name. Rude. haha. This room was in collaboration with Jake Gyllenhaal.

13 – Erotica in Bloom. This featured flowers and greenery coming from the ceiling and orchid pods. This sexual symbolic room was in collaboration with Maisie Cousins.

14 – Extraordinary Trio. This room was in collaboration with Haagen-Dazs Branch and we went only to one side, which was to represent a bed of creamy caramel. There was another room  that was supposed to represent white chocolate and vanilla ice cream, which we did not check out. Also, they ran out of ice cream which you were supposed to receive after. The guy working the ice cream ran to get ice cream and told us to wait 15 minutes, but we left.

18 – Bright Future. This was a display of many neon lights. This was in collaboration with Planned Parenthood.

23 – What’s Your Frequency? This room was to represent technology, mass surveillance, and cultural uniformity. This was in collaboration with Janelle Monae.

28 – Harmony. This is to represent the bond of sisters, whether it is actual sisters or a friendship bond. This featured a “sculpture” made of what appeared to be tulle and wire that spun in a circle. This is in collaboration with Chloe x Halle and Benjamin Shine.

There were some rooms that we did see, but I didn’t take pictures inside. Also, there were plenty of rooms with long lines that we ended up skipping because we were getting hungry and we decided to leave to go to Presidio Picnic! Presedio Picnic is held at Presidio Park every Sunday from 11am – 4pm. There’s a bunch of food trucks and vendors, as well as a live performance and bar area.

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