Hawaii – Day 1 // Travel Day.

Two of my good friends got married in Hawaii last week and I was very fortunate to be invited and be able to celebrate this milestone in their life. Sheena and I decided to bring our moms to Hawaii with us as our +1.

Day one was our travel day. Unfortunately, it was a complete mess. Our flight was delayed 2 hours and Sheena and her mom had to wait at HNL for over 3 hours. Our rental car and hotel were booked through me and they didn’t know the area so they didn’t want to take a taxi/Lyft to Waikiki. Finally after landing, it was time to get our rental car (a 4-door Jeep Wrangler), which took another hour. Every single car rental had barely of a line, but for whatever reason Budget had a line that snaked inside and went out the door. By the time we got to Waikiki and the Alohilani Resort, we were tired, grumpy, and hangry!

I wish I took more pictures of our hotel because it was so beautiful! The lobby bar had a huge aquarium! We had a nice partial ocean view.


After finally getting settled in, we decided to walk over to the newly revamped International Market and get some food. We ended up at Eating House 1849. We got there a bit early, so we got a few Happy Hour Appetizers and drinks at the bar.


For dinner, I ended up with the Spicy Ramen. My mom ordered the chicken, Sheena ordered the prawns, and her mom ordered the butter fish. Of course, I forgot to take pics of everyone’s dish, but here’s a picture of my ramen, which was so-so. It had a strong peanut/sesame flavor which I wasn’t a huge fan of.


After dinner, we made the trek back to the hotel. We stopped by an ABC store so I could pick up some water bottles, chapstick, and a bottle of wine. Sheena and I had a glass of wine and we all KOed by 830. What a shame since we were supposed to go on a party bus with all my friends that flew in for the wedding.

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