Hawaii – Day 2 // Arvo, Dole Plantation, & North Shore

Of course we would be on California time. I ended up waking up at 4am. But that also meant that we were able to start the day early! After getting up and ready, we decided to grab breakfast away from the Waikiki strip and picked Arvo. Arvo was a quick 10 minute drive from our hotel. It was a bit difficult to find thanks to Siri giving us whack directions, but eventually we found it.

Arvo is a cute little cafe/coffee shop that was inside of a store that sold plants! I loved everything about this place. To place an order you would go inside to the counter. They even had a walk-up window outside to order coffee. I got the Smoked Salmon Toast and the Tied-Dyed Latte with Lavender. My mom ordered the Egg Salad Toast. I also ordered the vegemite toast. I enjoyed everything we ordered. The latte was a bit bitter with a hint of lavender, but I enjoy bitter coffee. The Smoked Salmon toast was delish! The Egg Salad was nice and creamy, but not overwhelming. It had a nice crunch from the chopped onions and capers. And the vegemite! Just the right amount of vegemite and butter. I wish this place was in CA!

After breakfast, we made our way to the Dole Plantation since we were going to go to the North Shore. The Dole Plantation opened up at 9:30 so we were there bright and early! We browsed around the gift shop and some how my mom got suckered into the whole oyster/ pearl thing. When she opened it, she got two white pearls! The lady that was assisting her let me open one and I got two black pearls (just like my heart). She also let my mom open up another oyster and she got two black pearls haha.

I’ve never really looked around the actual Dole Plantation grounds, so we decided to buy tickets for the Pineapple Express train ride. I didn’t realize how large the plantation was!

Once we finished the train ride, we grabbed some Dole Whip and bought some trinkets for home. We, then, make our way to North Shore. Our original plan was to go to Laniakea Beach to see if we can spot some turtles, but it was so busy and there weren’t any parking spaces available, so we made our way to Waimea Bay Beach Park, but that was super packed, too! We were going to stop by Shark’s Cove, but ended up turning around and making our way to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck to eat. Of course, the line was RIDICULOUS! We had to park pretty far and walk over. The line to place an order was over 45 minutes and we had to wait another 45 minutes – 1 hour for our food. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOOOOO GOOD THOUGH?? Our mom’s didn’t want to wait for the shrimp, so they ordered fish and chips at another food truck. I ordered both the spicy shrimp and the shrimp scampi. I inhaled the scampi. Sheena’s mom wasn’t feeling too well after lunch so we made our way back to Waikiki.

Later that evening, Sheena and I decided to grab some drinks downstairs at the lobby bar and chat.


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