Hawaii – Day 4 // Ko Olina, Aulani

For our last full day in Hawaii, our moms had massages in the morning at our hotel, so Sheena and I went to the Royal Hawaiian, which is the pink hotel! We wanted to check it out and see all the pretty pink decor.

After exploring the hotel, we ended up walking down the beach back to our hotel. Weird that it was our 4th day in Hawaii yet our first time stepping foot on the beach.


Once we got to the hotel, we got ready for our day and made our way over to Ko Olina to check out Aulani. Our first stop, though, was Olive & Oliver, which is located at the Surfjack Hotel, to grab some coffee! It was a cute little coffee shop with a boutique store.


We both needed our cold brew! Then we made the 40 minute drive to Ko Olina! Honestly, I love Aulani. I wish I could stay here at least once in my lifetime; however, it is definitely busy/crowded. But the hotel itself is beautiful and so is the property!

We found a nice spot under some palm trees and looked out onto the water. Of course, we had to get our moms out onto the water!

We were all getting hungry, so we made our way to one of the hotel’s restaurants. I ordered the Poke bowl because why not? It was pretty decent, but not for $20+. But hey, with the route my Hawaii trip was going, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop by somewhere else and get more Poke.


After Aulani, we decided to do a quick shopping sesh for all of our goodies to bring back home. My mom and I walked over to the International Market, but ended up coming back empty handed. Oh well! For our last night in Hawaii, Sheena and I sat by the pool, watched the sunset, reminisced on old stories, caught each other up on life, and drank Mai Tais.

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