Jamaica – Day 2 // Margaritaville

For our first full day in Jamaica, we decided to make our way through town towards Margaritaville for some food. We found a guy cutting up some fresh coconuts and adding some alcohol (rum) to the coconut water. Delish!

Most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday and everyone was spending time at church and with family. There were some shops that were open so while T’s mom checked them out, we hung out outside and explored the shopping area.

When we got to Margaritaville, we decided to grab a couple of tables to have some food and drinks. There were a bunch of tourist and locals throughout the restaurant, bar, and beach that connected outside.

Instead of making to walk back, we got a taxi to take us back to Moon Palace. When we got back to the hotel, we decided to swim and have drinks at the pool. T and I ended up going upstairs and getting ready so that we could check out the other bars. One of the bartenders he became buddy buddy with was going to be at the Piano Bar so we visited him first. The pianist wasn’t scheduled to go on until 10 pm, so we grabbed a drink and sat around and talked for a little bit. After, we went to the loud bar where we came across a cover band and they were amazing! The singer was just SOOOO GOOD! So we hung out there and Alex met up with us for more drinks.


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