Jamaica – Day 3 // Chukka River Tubing, Momo’s

We had our first excursion at Chukka: White River Tubing. We were picked up from our hotel and we drove about 30 minutes away. The location was pretty remote and most of the road was narrow that I kept wondering how the big bus behind us was even driving up this thing. Anyways, we all signed our waiver, got a life jacket and helmet, and then we were off to go to the starting point of our river tubing adventure.

The water was nice and cool and crystal clear. Our tour guide, Allen, was great! Wonderful personality and basically made our whole adventure so much fun. He was always helping those who got stuck along the side of the river, which was mainly me. I swear I was always stuck.

I don’t recall how long we were on the actual river, but the whole time I had a blast. I wish I had more pictures, but I’ll have to wait until G (T’s mom) uploads or shares the Jamaica photos.. I’ll have to ask her for them sometime..

Anyways, after our River excursion, we hung around the pool for a while and then got ready for dinner at Momo’s, which is their Japanese/Teppenyaki place. T and I decided to color coordinate. I swear, he only lets me “match” him when we’re on vacation. I think it’s because he’s in a better mood then haha

After dinner, we went to Loud Bar for more drinks and to watch the cover band again. Their set for the evening wasn’t as fun as the previous night’s, but the singer’s voice was still amazing. G requested “Proud Mary” and she got up on the stage and danced the night away. It was a great time.

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