Jamaica – Day 4 // Yaaman!

We had another early pick up to go to our 2nd excursion, which was at Yaaman! where we had the Dirt Buggy Wet and Wild Tour. Yaaman! was pretty close to our hotel. I recall being in the little bus thing for about 15 minutes or so. We were told to be dressed in clothing that we didn’t mind getting dirty. There was a minor hiccup when we were checking into our little adventure, but that was resolved.

We were given either safety goggles or we were able to use our sunglasses and then a helmet. T drove our buggy, which was perfectly fine with me especially since I would’ve been too cautious and I don’t think he would’ve enjoyed that. Anyways, we were taken through the property on dune buggys and there were areas where they filled it up with water to turn it all muddy. We definitely got dirty and it was a lot of fun. T ended up getting water in the engine so our buggy died on us. We ended up taking one of our tour guides and they hoped on the back of the front tour guide’s buggy.

After Yaaman!, we went back to the hotel and showered and attempted to clean our dirty muddy clothes. We then met up with everyone on the beach and attempted to kayak. While trying to paddle, my arms kept rubbing against the life jacket and that wasn’t fun. So we decided to hop off the kayak and go on a fun little sail around the property.

That was a ton of fun, until I got splashed and the salt water was basically all over my eyes that I couldn’t open them. Just feeling the cool breeze and water was just nice and peaceful! After our little sale, T and I walked around for a little bit and eventually got back to the room and showered for the evening. I ended up knocking out. T and his family went down to watch live karaoke and the steel drum band perform. He woke me up to order room service and have dinner and went back to sleep.

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