Makeup // Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette.

I’ve been wanting a green palette for quite some time now. My girl, Kelsey, and I just want an Urban Decay Naked Jungle Palette already, but until then I’ll just buy a shit ton of green makeup.

Anyways, here I am playing around with the Urban Decay Born to Run palette. It’s such a great and versatile palette. I feel like I could travel with it just because it has everything. Anyways, I honestly don’t remember what products I used for this look. I am sure I tagged the brands on my IG post, but whatevs. I know, I’m late with these blog posts. I like to blame it on laziness. Plus, it’s hard to write these posts on my phone and on the app. I prefer blogging on my computer, but I never have the products in front of me when I am on a computer. Maybe I should buy a laptop? Nah.

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