Work Rant.

Can I just share something that has been really irking me? From my last blog post, I haven’t been feeling the greatest and one thing that my gastroenterologist has been telling me is to NOT STRESS. Of course, I stress out about everything. And one thing that has been bothering me so much is a coworker of mine. For the sake of this post, they shall be named XYZ.

The other day was a really bad day for me. I left work in pain and the rest of the day I was just in so much pain. Anyways, in my group chat with my coworkers, I wanted to give them a heads up that I was not feeling well and there was a possibility that I was not going to show up the following day.

XYZ proceeds to text me and say that I should stay home and get some rest and not to worry about anything because they’ll take care of things in the office.

Well, that morning rolls around and since I was already awake, I decided to go to work still. I get to work early to avoid any accidents on the bridge, etc. 7:55am rolls around a Wholesaler shows up for a meeting with XYZ. Of course, they’re not in. So I text XYZ asking them where they are. They proceed to tell me that the Wholesaler showed up unannounced. I send XYZ a screenshot of their calendar and clearly Wholesaler is scheduled on there for 8am since April. XYZ proceeds to tell me that I should go downstairs and let them know that they aren’t in yet. I tell XYZ that they should do that themselves. XYZ then tells me they are still at home (XYZ lives 45 minutes away on a good day) and that they were not going to leave the house for another 20 minutes. It’s raining outside. There’s horrible traffic now. I am beyond upset. I tell XYZ that a client also needs to place a trade. Since XYZ is at home with their computer, they should probably call the client, right? XYZ says they’ll do it when they get in…

Next thing you know, a client is calling the office to place a trade. I am on the other line tending to other items. I text the group chat letting my coworkers know that the client needs to place a trade and someone needs to call them ASAP. XYZ says they’ll do it later. No buddy, you need to do it now.

After all this was said and done, I was in the office without said help from XYZ for over 3 hours. 3 hours !! What if I didn’t show up to work in the morning !?! You think any of these things would’ve been completed??

Let’s fast forward to today. I am still not feeling well. Cramps are super harsh today. XYZ tells me that I should go home and that they’ll take care of everything. I tell XYZ I have stuff to do in the office and that I’ll leave when I can. I get a call from Kaiser letting me know that my medical forms are available to be picked up and I need to get the forms in to work so I can either go on leave or try to be able to work from home. Anyways, I text my advisors letting him know that I need to leave and he says OK. I tell XYZ that I had to leave. XYZ tells me “I need to leave in 30 minutes. You think it’ll be OK?” Are you fuckin shitting me !?! How are you going to take care of things when you’re not going to be in the office? Really?

I’ve come to realize that there are some people who are not team players. Who do not understand the concept of working in a team and as a team. People who are not reliable whatsoever. Sorry, XYZ, but you’ve just solidified the fact that you’re irrelevant to me and I am never going to trust your word ever again.

Wow, this is so dramatic. I know. But it has been really bothering me. Don’t tell me you’re going to help me, but then you’re really not. Don’t tell me not to stress out, when you’re clearly adding to my stress.


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