Infusion Day.

Today was my second round dose of Remicade. I had no idea what to expect so I brought with me my phone, iPad, laptop, and Nintendo Switch. I knew I was going to be there for a couple of hours so I thought the more options to keep me occupied the better.

I got to Kaiser a couple of minutes before my scheduled time (1030am), which was probably a smart thing to do because as soon as I got in, I got one of the last chairs in the infusion/oncology room. There were a ton of people there getting their treatments and on top of that, majority of these people brought someone along with them so their guest was pulled up in a chair next to them. It was pretty crowded and hectic. I was a bit overwhelmed, but I was happy that my parents just dropped me off. I prefer to be by myself during my infusions. After I was shown to my chair, it was not too long when my nurse came and prepped me for my IV. I always have my blood drawn and my IVs on my left arm so to have it on my right arm today was kind of weird for me.

Anyways, we started off with some fluids for 30 minutes and then we did the Remicade treatment. I ended up putting my AirPods on and watched a ton of travel/food videos on YouTube. I tried to fall asleep, but the woman next to me kept talking with her daughter, so that kept me awake. Of course, watching all these videos of foods that I can’t eat just made me hangry, but I spent the next couple of hours watching them anyways. Right before 2pm my treatment ended and I was able to go home.

As soon as I got home I was just tired. I still feel so restless and I blame it on the lack of sleep. And with the sleep I do get, I don’t feel rested at all. I really wanted to do when I got home was nap and be by myself, but my aunt and cousin came so I didn’t get any of that. And now here we are several hours later and I am super bloated, fatigued, and my chest hurts. Fingers crossed I can get some GOOD sleep in tonight!

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