Napa Wine Train // Raymond Vineyards

As a quick staycation, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to head over to Napa. It’s pretty much the midpoint for us (Sheena is in Sacramento and Sirena, Lisa, and I are in the East Bay). We decided to do one of the Napa Wine Train tours and have a spa day at The Lodge Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa (our hotel). The wine tour we chose included a shuttle out to Raymond Vineyards and then the Wine Train for lunch back to the Wine Train station.

The shuttle ride up to Raymond was pretty quick, but driving around Napa with the sun out after a few days of heavy rain was just beautiful. Everything looked so green and alive.

When we got to Raymond, we were greeted by our tour guide who was ready to pour us some wines! She started off at the front of the property and gave us a brief history of the vineyard. We then toured the property and learned about the sustainable farm and how the owner has a French Bulldog so he started to create wines and named them after the dog.

The property itself was pretty eccentric. Tons of photo worthy spots. You can say it’s quite instagrammable! There were a few wines that were quite tasty and some I didn’t care too much for.

After the wine tasting tour, the shuttle took us to the train where we were seated at our table. Our server then took our orders and the train made its slow scenic trek back towards the train station. Lunch was OK. The food was mediocre (except the soup… that was delicious and I am bummed I cannot remember the name of the soup!) I enjoyed the views most.

Overall thoughts: Would I do the Napa Wine Train again? For the price, probably not. The experience was fun to say that I’ve done it. The food and service was OK, and honestly, we could’ve drove to several vineyards and tasted more wine and had lunch somewhere else for the same price. None the less I had a fun time with my girls.

Side Note: Sorry guys, late post! This was a trip that my girlfriends and I took in December 2018. I’m only posting about it now cause I have the time to blog since I have not returned to work as of yet.

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