Snowboarding at Dodge Ridge

My cousins invited T and I to go snowboarding with them at Dodge Ridge, which is located near Yosemite in a city called Pinecrest. The drive to my cousins’ timeshare was about an hour and a half from the East Bay in a small town called Angel’s Camp. The drive was pretty easy, since it was towards Stockton and we didn’t run into any snow on our drive, which was nice since we were driving at night.

From Angel’s Camp to Pinecrest in the morning was a pretty easy drive, as well. It took about an hour to get there and half of that drive was in the snow, but the roads were pretty clear.

Dodge Ridge itself was a pretty small resort compared to Squaw, Heavenly, North Star, etc.; however, the runs were pretty open, so for crappy snowboarders like myself, I was able to fall and not be in people’s way. I did fall quite often and one fall was pretty hard (I landed on my chest and felt like I had the wind knocked out of me). We did a couple of runs and called it a day. T and I barely snowboard so we got tired pretty easily!

Overall thoughts: I would 100% go back to Dodge Ridge! The drive was so easy compared to that daunting drive to Tahoe! Although Tahoe is very beautiful, that drive kills me all the time! The resort was very spacious and the runs were pretty easy for me. I liked the space I had and there weren’t a ton of people that I felt overwhelmed. The chairlifts are still super scary for me, but that’s just a personal problem haha.

Side Note: Another late post that I am finally posting. Better late than never?

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