Disney World – Disney Springs

Disney Springs is essentially the “Downtown Disney” of Disney World, and holy crap was this place huge! There are a ton of restaurants, shops, and even a movie theater and bowling alley!

This was our go-to spot for after the theme parks since surprisingly, the parks closed at 8pm, which we thought was pretty odd since Disneyland typically closed around 11.

Our first day (out of 7) was spent at Disney Springs. We took a Lyft from the Bate’s Motel (we didn’t really stay at a place called the Bate’s Motel. We just called it that because it was a nightmare and we ended up leaving it and going to another hotel. That’s a different story that I will probably post about later). The Lyft dropped us off and we made our way towards The Edison, which is very Art Deco/ flapper-esque. From what I had tasted, the food was pretty tasty and so were the drinks!

After dinner, we walked around and discovered more shops. Of course, I ended up buying a couple of items at Disney Style, which included a churro necklace!

Disney Springs is definitely busy at night. Seems like everyone went there after the theme parks, as well as just to hangout since there were a ton of restaurants and bars.

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