Disney World – Animal Kingdom

The first theme park we did was Animal Kingdom, which was on day 2 of 7. The weather was sunny, mid-80s and 90% humidity and man, that weather was not playing. I just felt so drained after that day!

We got to the park around 920am, which was around opening (park opened at 9) and we went straight for The Flight of Passage, which was located in Pandora. the wait time when we got to it was 180 minutes. Yes, 3 hours long. Did we wait? We sure did. The line was mostly shaded, which was a relief! The line was constantly moving so it made the wait better. What was nice is that we actually waited 2 hours instead of the 3! The ride itself was AMAZING! The graphics was just sooo good!! It reminded me of Soarin’ Around the World where everyone is looking at a huge screen and it feels like you’re flying. This was a 3D ride, but surprisingly it did not make me sick. They also included scents and some water sprays to enhance the experience. Overall, such a great ride! When we first saw the wait time, I thought we were crazy for waiting in that line, but I am so glad we did. So worth the wait!

You know what sucked about Animal Kingdom? There was only ONE place to buy churros, and that was at at DinoLand USA.

Honestly, you guys, I am writing this blog 4 months after my trip and I don’t really remember what exactly we did, so I’m going to upload pictures and explain the general idea of the pictures and my overall thoughts. Sound good? Great!

DINOSAUR was a pretty dated ride. You’re in this keep like buggy (similar to the Indian Jones car) and you time travel to the prehistoric times. Like I said, it was a dated ride and it definitely wasn’t the best ride, but we had a Fast Pass to it, so why not? They take a picture on the ride, but for the life of me I cannot find the photo anywhere.

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain was so much fun! At one point of the ride you go backwards! So much fun! Glad we got Fast Passes for this ride!

The Kilimanjaro Safari is a must! The line actually moves pretty fast for this attraction, but either way, I feel like it is something you have to do when you go to Animal Kingdom! I loved seeing all the Animals. One of these days I’ll go to Africa and go on a real safari. But for now, this will have to do.

We rode Na’vi River Journey, which is a ride through type of ride where you get to explore Pandora’s Na’vi River. This ride was so visually beautiful, but not going to lie… it was kinda boring. I would not wait in line for this ride. Definitely something to do if you can get a Fast Pass.

The Bug’s Life show was under the Tree of Life in Discovery Island and I’m so glad we were able to enjoy that show since they took it out in DCA. Always a fun show!

For dinner, we had reservations at Tiffins Restaurant. I ordered the Charred Octopus and the Mushroom Soup.

Charred Octopus ($16): The octopus was served with a romesco sauce, olive tapenade, chorizo, and a squid ink aioli. The octopus was cooked perfectly and the flavor was pretty good. I wished I had a bigger portion especially for the price.

Mushroom Soup ($13): Another dish I wish I hd more of! The mushroom was like a cream of mushroom soup with wild chanterelle ragout, truffle oil, and crispy shiitake mushrooms. So yummy! I could’ve licked the bowl clean. And for the amount I was given, I should’ve!

Overall Thoughts: Animal Kingdom was definitely my favorite park in WDW. I thought the attention to detail at this park was just amazing. Some of the rides I felt were just meh, but the attractions I did enjoy I thought were just a great time and I would go back just for them. Also, come on WDW, ONE place to get a churro… and it’s in DinoLand ?? That’s pretty weak!

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