Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Our Magic Kingdom day was a wet day. When it rained it came down on us pretty hard. Thank goodness we got ponchos! Those sure came in pretty handy.

Our first ride of the day was Space Mountain. I thought it was a bit odd that they take your picture like as soon as you leave the boarding area. You make a left turn right before you head up and BAM, a flash and your picture is taken.

In the middle of the rain storms, we caught some sun which was nice. But overall the day was pretty wet. The girls ended up skipping out on Splash Mountain because we were already getting wet from the rain; however, the guys rode it.

Also, Big Thunder Railroad was a ton of fun, but man, I just got hit with so much rain, I got off that ride looking like I just got off Splash! But again, thank goodness for the poncho cause it kept me pretty dry underneath.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was kind of weak compared to the one in Disneyland. It was harder to shoot and aim so you couldn’t rack up as many points.

I thought the line for Haunted Mansion was nice. I liked how to the graveyard/cemetery was more interactive. The ride itself was pretty similar to Disneyland’s. The girls all rode together, which was probably not so smart since our big butts had to squish together. The mansion kind of threw me off cause I did not get a “haunted mansion” vibe.

Pirates of the Carribean was a nice break from the pouring rain. The line was all covered. The ride itself was missing the two drops like the ones in Disneyland! That sucked! Those are the best parts of the ride!

It’s a Small World was… It’s a Small World. BUT thankfully the one in WDW was shorter, so we didn’t have to listen to the song for too long haha

We didn’t get to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which was a bummer! I heard so many good things about that ride! Looks like I have to come back just for this ride haha

Overall Thoughts: Magic Kingdom is definitely my second favorite park in WDW. The castle is breathtaking. I need more photos of it! I need to go back and eat more of their snacks! And ride the Seven Dwarfs coaster. I still prefer Disneyland over Magic Kingdom. One thing I did like was how spacious it was because Disneyland’s path are so crowded and narrow.

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