Just breathe…

You guys, I go back to work tomorrow… and I am not ready. Far beyond ready actually. I haven’t been at work since the 23rd of May, which was a month ago !! But it doesn’t feel like a month. Honestly, it feels like I was just at work on Friday. But no, it was a month ago.

Everyone keeps telling me it’s going to be fine. Just ease my way back in. But I already know that is not going to be the case. I am going to come back to 1000+ emails and God knows how many voicemails… I think I had my emails forwarded, but I have no idea… I don’t remember. Just like how I don’t remember my password to access my computer, so hopefully I can get into my computer tomorrow. And on top of that, I’m coming back to drama and the guy we work for on vacation for about 3 weeks. This is going to be fun…

How am I supposed to be “stress-free” so I don’t start enough flare when there’s so much tension at work? Aughhh I don’t knowwwwwwww. Ok. I’ll stop. My quick rant is over for now. I;ll follow up again tomorrow.

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