Disney World – Epcot

We went to Epcot on our last full day in Orlando and being that it was 5th full day of theme parks, it was safe to say that we were drained! My whole body was sore. We were averaging 20k steps a day which is a lot for me considering I usually do about 4k a day haha (I stay in my chair at work all day) so walking 20k+ steps is a shit ton!

During the time we went was the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. I was really hoping for more food options, but it was quite limited. The options I did try were pretty tasty, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you what exactly I tried except these churros that were dipped in colored chocolate. The churros were nice and tasty, crunchy and soft. Not as good as the regular churros, but they satisfied my churro craving. The chocolate was sweet but nothing overpowering.

The different country showcases were great to check out. They all made me want to travel and check out the actual places. One thing I regret was not “drinking around the world” but then again, drinking in the heat/humidity would’e probably made me sick. Also, the weather was pretty insane. There would be sudden downpours and everyone would run and take shelter and then 10 minutes later, the sun would be out. Florida weather is crazy.

A couple of the rides kept breaking down, but we were able to ride Mission SPACE and all I can say is I am never riding this ride again. You are in this space ship and you are given a role on the ship and you’re supposed to help command the ship to Mars. Anyways, I got soooo sick on this ride I thought I was going to throw up. I needed a breather and I felt sick for about 30 minutes after riding the ride. Not fun.

Epcot, I can see why people enjoy you. The different country showcases and beautiful and the food and drink options are great. Now, spending a whole day in Epcot? Maybe if I’m eating and drinking the whole day it would work. Other than that, not really my favorite park in Disney World.

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