Tyme for Tea | Fremont, CA

You guessed it… ANOTHER tea spot! This time I took T to Tyme for Tea in Fremont. The location was down the street from us. So we decided to start our day off with tea! I haven’t been to Tyme for Tea since S’s birthday 5 years ago (as mentioned in my previous post)

When I walked in for some reason it didn’t look familiar to me. The front of the restaurant is a shop that sold tea, soaps, chinaware, trinkets, and other things tea related. My favorite items happened to be the chinaware that had Prince Charles and Princess Diana on it.

Anyways, it took a while for us to be seated even though we had reservations at 11:30am. No idea why because there were not as many people eating and a ton of tables were open. When we were finally seated, our waitress was really nice and attentive so we really appreciated that. We ordered our own tea pots: I got Earl Grey and T got the Tyme for Tea blend which was something fruity (I don’t remember).

We started off with some warm blueberry scones served with whipped cream, lemon curd, and raspberry preserves. The scones were delish! I did enjoy the fact that they had whipped cream because I thought paired perfectly with the scone and the lemon curd and raspberry preserves; however, I LOVE clotted cream, so I was bummed they didn’t have any. After the scones, they brought out the little tea sandwiches: cucumber, cream cheese, and radish; a crostini with melted cheese, cream cheese, and diced jalapeños (AMAZING!); a pinwheel that reminded me of spinach and artichoke dip (also delish); a cheese and mushroom puff pastry (yum!); and a turkey salad sandwich (SO GOOD!). The sandwiches were so good, you guys! I could’ve had a full serving size of each sandwich.

After our sandwiches, they gave us dessert which I did not take a photo of and frankly they weren’t memorable. It was a petite four, chocolate peanut butter cup, and a snickerdoodle cookie. The food (minus the dessert) was really good! Tea was great. Service was amazing. Venue was OK. I understand that it’s located in a historic and old building, but I thought the upkeep could’ve been better. The decorations were a bit dated. I don’t know if they wanted to stay “historical” but at least try to spruce things up a bit. I would go back for the sandwiches and scone. If I had to choose between the Tyme for Tea or The English Rose, I would make the drive to Pleasanton.

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