Disneyland // Day 1

We got into the park pretty late in the day, so we decided that our first day at the park would be an eating day! I put together a list of foods I wanted to try while I was in the hospital, so I thought crossing some of those food items during this trip was a proper thing to do!

Our first stop was Plaza Inn because surprisingly, I’VE NEVER HAD THEIR FRIED CHICKEN! I’ve tried the fried chicken at Flo’s in DCA before, so I needed to compare it to Plaza Inn. For $17.99 (AP Discount Available), we got 3 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and vegetables. At first, we thought the guy was going to hook us up with the chicken because he gave us two big pieces, and then he gave us a tiny ass drumstick for the third piece haha. The chicken was very well seasoned. You can tell it was cooked a while ago because it wasn’t crispy, but the flavor was good. The chicken itself wasn’t dry, which was a good thing! The vegetables were pretty good, not going to lie! And the biscuit was buttery and flaky. T was making himself a sandwich with the biscuit and all the fixings. I was just munching away on the chicken and the mashed potatoes and veggies! Overall it was a tasty snack. Would I wait in line for this place? Probably not. Would I go back? Of course. Next time I want to make sure I got a fresh batch of chicken to make sure I get the full experience. Now, comparing it to Flo’s, I preferred Plaza Inn’s. I thought the portion was bigger and the seasoning in Plaza Inn was better, but I still enjoyed Flo’s.

After we made our way to Downtown Disney because I needed to try one of the crazy milkshakes at Black Tap. The line to get into the restaurant was pretty long; however, I love the fact that they have a To-Go window on the side! Now, not all of their milkshakes are available at the window, but we got the Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake. The reason why I wanted it was because it came with one of those Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar. NOMNOMNOM !!! So the Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake also came with a vanilla frosted rim with crumbled cake topped with the ice cream bar, pink and white lollipop, whipped cream (which is non-dairy!); strawberry drizzle, crumbled cake, and a cherry. You are able to get a non-dairy version of the milkshake, but my lactose self opted for the dairy version. Yes, I took the risk and it was delicious !! I love a good strawberry shake. Ok, it was difficult to eat. We got messy, but OMG was it soooooo good. Would 10/10 get again. Now I need to try the Cookies ‘N Cream Surpreme, The Cookie Shake, and the Churro Choco Taco (which is only available in the restaurant).

After our treat we decided to head back to our hotel and rest. We ended up going to a pho place down the street from our hotel and having pho for dinner. Our day ended up being a day of eating and I am not even mad at that!

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