Disneyland // Day 3

Since our flight was at 2pm, we decided to head back to the park to get ride or two in before we had to go. Also, I really wanted to get the seasonal bread pudding that they had over at Pacific Wharf in DCA.

As soon as we got to the park, we made our way to Big Thunder Railroad; however, we saw that the line to Hyperspace Mountain went down from 50 minutes to 25, so we made our way there. Hyperspace Mountain was Star Wars based so that was pretty fuckin neat! When we were waiting for our turn, everyone getting off the ride clapped and cheered, so that got us pretty pumped. The visuals was so much fun that I kept looking around to see what was going on. Since the sounds and visuals were all so new to me I had no idea the ride was ending so when they took our picture I was like WHAAAAT !? haha T LOVED Hyperspace Mountain. He says, “I loved it. It was amazing!” It was so much fun for him (he’s a big Star Wars nerd). Ok, Space Mountain is a ride he is always OK with skipping, so we don’t ride it every time we are at Disneyland; however, T thought Hyperspace Mountain was so much fun that it “easily became one of [his] favorite rides.”

After the ride, we rode Matterhorn and I swear the left side is so much more fun than the right side. The left is more thrilling and a bit more rough. The right is a longer track, but it’s just way to smooth for me. I wish the Matterhorn took your picture (and Indiana Jones) haha

On our way out, I of course stopped to take pictures of the castle because it’s just so pretty. I’m so happy they revamped Sleeping Beauty’s castle because it needed some TLC and it was waagaaay overdue. The colors are so vibrant and I thought the details were just lovely. There was a band playing up in the front of the castle so I couldn’t get a better picture, but oh well. It’s not going anywhere. I’ll just take more when I go back.

We didn’t have enough time to get my bread pudding, or anything else so we walked back to the hotel, checked out, and made our way to the airport. Until next time, Disneyland!

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