Disneyland… again!

I guess having an Annual Pass to Disneyland is both a blessing and a curse. I love being able to go to Disneyland, but for the YEARS that I had the AP I never really felt like I got my money’s worth until this year. Anyways, Taylor and ai decided to go to Disneyland (again). Our main goal was to go to Oga’s Cantina. Also, Sheena and her BF were going to be there, so we decided to meet up with them.

We drove down to Anaheim this time and brought some food with us so we wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on food this time around. We got instant noodles and sandwich stuff. Oh and some Whiteclaws haha When we got to Anaheim, we checked into our room and dropped off our stuff and made our way to CA Adventures.

As usual, our first stop of the day was Incredicoaster! I never get tired of that ride and we were pretty fortunate to ride in the very front. Which is always fun !! After, the park was pretty crowded and it was hot so we got our adult beverages and hung out before we headed back to the hotel to hangout and sleep. We were pretty tired and that drive was so long

The next morning we woke up early and made 2 reservations for Oga’s Cantina, one for breakfast and one for late in the evening. We got ready for the day and made our way to Disneyland. They had us standing at the far end of the bar, which we didn’t mind at all. The music was loud, but not too loud where I couldn’t hear myself or T when he talked. Our bartender was really nice and super chill. She stayed within character, but wasn’t over the top. I don’t remember all the drinks we had, but after 2 each I needed food. Oh, also, the Fuzzy Taun Taun was weird. I did not like the numbing foam. It tasted like when you lick a 9-volt battery.

After, we rode Space Mountain and ate some sandwiches that we had made before we got to Disneyland. Although I love eating at the park, it does add up, so having snacks was a good idea! After, we made our way to Splash Mountain to use our Fast Passes and ended up sitting with a family and we tried to get in on their family photo. T messed up though. What a fail! We ended up walking to CA Adventures and grabbing some beer before we went back to hotel to snack, drink more Whiteclaws, watch Forensic Files, and nap.

We ended up walking back to the park around 7pm to ride some rides and getting some more stuff to snack on before meeting up with Sheena and her BF for Oga’s Catina (round 2). It’s nice finally seeing Sheena after several months. I love that through the 9 years of friendship, we’ve always had each other’s back. And I love seeing my BFF happy. She deserves the world, the moon, the universe!

I know that T and I go to Disneyland a lot. What can I say, there’s just something about being there even for an hour will make me feel some type of way. Also, now that I’ve made a great group of friends from our love of Disney, it’s even more special to me (I’ll elaborate more on that later).

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