I don’t think we ever finalized what the hashtag was going to be for Sirena’s bachelorette, but I know that YEET was definitely the inside joke of the weekend. Can I say that although I had so much fun celebrating S, that was probably one of my more stressful travel weekends ever! Less than 2 weeks before the weekend, I had asked a friend of mine who was also attending what time I was going to pick her up and she tells me she can’t drive anymore because she needs to go to work so she’s booking a flight. Uhm, MONTHS ago flights were $300 to Palm Springs and now the flights were way over $500. Of course, I went into full panic mode. Thankfully I was able to fly standby with all the other girls on Alaska because I got to use one of the girls’ seniority! Anyways, long story short, I had to use another girls’ seniority to fly back home. Now onto the weekend…

The flight to Palm Springs was quick and easy. Thank Goodness because I was sitting next to a hot mess express and I just had to get away from her haha as soon as we landed, we called an Uber and made our way to our brunch location. To be 100% honest with you, I can’t even remember what it’s called. The food was great and the service was excellent. They even let us store our bags in the back since we all came from the airport. After, we made our way to the AirBnB to decorate with.

That weekend we had bomb Mexican food catered in and after we went to a fun little Tiki Bar where I got the girls hooked on Chi Chis. Next day, we laid out by the pool while some girls got massages in the house from our mobile masseuses. Played games. Had dinner. Went to the club. I didn’t sleep the las night because my flight was at 6am and we got home from the club at 2am. What a weekend.

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