ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IS MARRIED, Y’ALL !! The day has finally come and Sirena went from Miss to Mrs! I’ve known Sirena and Chanler for 10 years? I met Chanler working at my first branch and him and I were pretty good friends. Then he started dating S soon after and the rest is history! And I am so honored to be able to stand by S on her big day as one other bridesmaids!

The big event was held at the University Club in San Francisco. I got to the venue pretty early to get ready with the girls. We started our morning with some coffee and breakfast. Then the Whiteclaws and champagne came out!

Sirena got her girls some cute little bags with some house slippers, makeup, a necklace, and other fun goodies! We got ready fairly quickly so we had a bunch of time for pictures. Sirena and Chanler opted for a first look so we did all of our photos before the ceremony, which was nice since we were able to partake in the cocktail hour!

While Chanler and S took their pictures, I took some photos of them so they could have it while their photographer edits their photos.

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