HBD, Gina !! Scomas // Pier 39 // Blue Angels

For T’s Mom’s milestone birthday, we had a day in San Francisco! T and I took BART to the Cit. I haven’t taken BART into SF in a while and I don’t miss it at all.

Fun Fact: I used to take Interior Architecture and Design and Fashion Construction classes at the Arts Academy in SF and I used to take BART into the city ALL the time. So with that said, how people commute to the city everyday (like my future MIL) I have no idea how they do it.

Anyways, we took BART into SF and then took a Lyft from Embarcadero to Scoma’s at the Piers. We were supposed to take the F line, but we were running late. We got to the restaurant on time and met with the rest of T’s family where we enjoyed a great lunch.

The city/Piers were busy due to it being Fleet Week and the Blue Angels and all the other spectating events were going on.

Fun Fact: I have never seen the Blue Angels perform

What was nice about Scoma’s was that right outside the restaurant there was a place to view some of the events, which was nice to avoid the huge crowds. However, before the Blue Angels came up, we decided to move to Pier 39 for a better view. Our group separated a bit, but we were all able to enjoy the Blue Angels. Not going to lie, watching the Blue Angels perform gave me such anxiety! The precision and seeing how close they got made me so anxious!

After the Blue Angels, we went into a Tiki Bar kinda thing at Pier 39 and grabbed some Mai Tais before heading home. We were supposed to take the F Lin back to Embarcadero, but ended up walking from Pier 39 to the BART station haha, which actually turned out pretty fun.

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