Back to the ER.

Guess who made their 2nd appearance to the ER this year. This girl! But you wouldn’t even guess what it was for. So, I just got out if the shower and it was a “wash my hair” day, so as soon as I got out if shower I started drying my hair off with the towel and BAM! I just felt this sharp pain near my right shoulder blade. The pain came out of no where and literally felt like I had the air knocked out off me.

I ended up putting my robe on and tried to lay down thinking it’ll make the pain go away. Nope. It made it worse. My silent crying woke Taylor up and he decided I should go to the ER, so he took me. Kaiser’s ER was pretty tamed that Saturday morning, so registration went by real quick and I was put in a room ASAP.

Turns out I may have pulled a muscle, so they gave me Valium and Tylenol and sent me home. I ended up staying in bed the whole day in pain because the next day we were supposed to leave for Disneyland.

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