Universal Halloween Horror Nights

One of the reasons we decided to head down to Disneyland was to go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights with my pin girls !! I am so happy that I found a group of girls like the ones I met through my Disney pin obsession. These girls support you and uplift you. There is no competition. No nastiness. No fakeness. They are just genuinely wonderful females and I absolutely adore each and every one if them.

Anyways, Emily picked up T and I from our hotel and we made the trek to Nikki’s where we met up with her and Kevin. Kevin drove us all to Universal, which was literally down the street from where Nikki lived. There, we met up with Jess and we grabbed some dinner at some taco/Mexican spot in Universal City Walk.

After dinner, we got into the park and went straight for the Us haunted maze things. After, we did Pandora’s Box, Stranger Things, rode Jurassic Park, waited two hours for Ghostbusters where T got scared shitless, ran into Ariana Grande, went on another maze, and went home.

Its been a couple of weeks and I miss my girls. Three more weeks until I see them again!

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