The Fish Market // Fieldworks

It was Grandma Betty’s birthday, so T and I made our way to San Mateo to hangout with his family. This is the most I’ve been to San Mateo in a span of a couple of weeks. We are never here! Then again, T’s best friend just moved there not too long ago, so I feel like we’ll be hanging out more often!

Our first stop was Fish Market for lunch with T’s family. The steamed clams in the garlic butter sauce was soooo good. I wish I took a photo of it to show you guys, but I kept smothering bread in the sauce. SO EFFING GOOD! As for our entrees, T and I ordered a large cioppino and some fish tacos for us ti share. The fish tacos were sooo good. They had a great crunch and the salsa and sauce on top of the fish were bomb. The cioppino was HUGE. We probably should have ordered the smaller size because no matter how much we ate we felt like it never went down in size.

After lunch, I really wanted ice cream so I asked T if he’d like to go with me to Tin Pot and in return I will go with him to Fieldwork for some beer! Of course he couldn’t turn down that proposition haha But before we headed out, we took pictures by the water, which was right next to Fish Market

I got some the blue jasmine ice cream. T went next door to Blue Bottle and grabbed a cold brew. We sat outside and enjoyed our tasty treats before grabbing our beers at Fieldwork.

Not surprising, but T’s family (minus his grandparents) met up with us at Fieldwork so we were there for a couple of hours drinking beer and having a great time. I absolutely love spending time with them. I told T next time we go to Fieldwork we will need to bring Pepper since it is a dog friendly place.

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