LittyTitty does Disney.

The other weekend was probably one of the most tiring, yet fun weekends I had in a while. I mean driving through crazy weather, 15 hours of Disney, good food, barely any lines, and coming home with a bad back and foot. I would call that pretty successful.

I have a group of girlfriends that I met through our love of Disney and Disney Pins. We started a small chat for D23 Survival tips and somehow that evolved into an amazing and close friendship. Not sure how our group chat name changed, but we’re the LittyTitty group. Now this group is full of some of the most loving, nicest, empowering women I’ve ever known. Everyday they provide support but also keeping it real. They’re your cheerleaders. Your ride-or-dies. And I am beyond grateful I can call them my friends.

It was Cera’s birthday and we decided to meet up and do Disney for her birthday. Almost all the girls live in the LA area. Jess lives down in SD and here I am in the Bay. Of course my paranoid self decided to drive instead of fly like any normal human being. And yes, I drove by myself. The weather has been rainy and the thought about flying by myself gave me so much anxiety. Which is weird because I’ve done it before and I used to fly by myself a lot. (Something I need to work on). Anyways, I drove down to Anaheim on Friday. My first two hours were soooo foggy that I could barely see in front of me. Then it because nice and sunny. As soon as I got to the Grapevine, it was dark and windy. Then as soon as I got into Valencia it was pouring rain. Fun times. When I got to Anaheim, I checked into my hotel and watched Forensic Files until Jess got there. I wanted to go to the Parks to eat, but the rain kept me inside. Jess came and we chatted until Emily showed up and picked us up to go to Target and get food. When we came back, we decided to make Holiday cards to pass out with candy canes to the Cast Members. Nikki came and it became a party. We made cards, talked, drank white claws and moscato, and ate chips and salsa/dip. Around midnight Emily left and we fell asleep.

We got up around 7 and started to get ready for the day. The theme was “Christmas Barf” so we all wore Christmas themed outfits, which for me was a Holiday Spirit Jersey and leggings. Jess, Nikki, and I got to the parks at 9:45am and our day began with getting a locker and Starbucks.

We were getting a bit hungry, so we looked for a place to eat. We ended up at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and ordered the Fried Chicken Tip-Yip Youngling Meal ($9.99 + AP discount) off the Kid’s menu. This came with crispy chicken, macaroni and cheese, vegetables, and a beverage. This was actually pretty tasty and got the job done. The chicken was well seasoned and cooked just right. There was enough mac and cheese for me to feel satisfied. And the veggies added a nice crunch. The three of us all got waters to go with our meals.

After we finished our food, we sat our table and looked at Baby Yoda memes. Yes, I know. OBSESSED. How can you not love the little dude? He’s so adorable! Anyways, after sitting around for an hour, we decided to walk around and ride some rides while waiting for Emily and Cera to get to the parks.

Nikki even ran into Gaston and wanted to take a picture with him but he made her chase him into Fantasy Land.

After chasing Gaston, the girls let us know that they were here, so we made our way to the front of the park to meet with them and take pictures. Super exciting because I never met Cera in person yet. We chat daily, but never met because the last time I was in SoCal she was sick so. she couldn’t come out.

My LittyTitty group is seriously some of my favorite people. Being with them that weekend made me feel like I’ve known them for years, but yet, this was still my 2nd time hanging out with them. After we took pictures, we made our way to Disney’s California Adventure to hit up the food festival and ride a few rides before making our way back to Disneyland before the Candlelight Procession. We first hit up Guardians of the Galaxy and riding that ride… STRAIGHT UP ANXIETY. Maybe I let my nerves get the best of me, but I was so anxious that entire ride. I needed to get off that ride quick! After the ride we made our way towards the festival and bought the Sip and Savor Pass, which allows you to get 8 different dishes or non-alcoholic beverages. Before we started buying food, we made our way to the Little Mermaid ride to surprise Nikki! For her Christmas gift, we decided to pitch in and buy her grail pin, which was the Ariel Designer Mermaid! She cried and it was totally worth it!

After Little Mermaid, we found a short line in one of the festival stalls and ordered the Braised Pork Belly Adobo with Garlic Fried Rice (10/10) and Churro Toffee Cold Brew (9/10) from the Holiday Duets Marketplace; Holiday Stuffing Mac and Cheese (9/10) from Favorite Things Marketplace; and House-made Horchata (8/10) and Pork al Pastor Naan Taco (8/10) from Merry Mashups Marketplace. Sadly we didn’t take full advantage of the food while we were there. Maybe because we weren’t that hungry? Who knows. Then we made our way to Incredicoaster. There’s something about riding that ride at night that I love.

After DCA, we made our way back to Disneyland despite the craziness of the Candlelight Procession. We rode Star Tours and man… that ride 90% of the time makes me sick. This time it for sure made me want to puke. That wasn’t fun, but I enjoyed the scenario we did. We ran into Mulan in front of It’s a Small World and that was a nice surprise since I never see her out and about! We were able to ride Big Thunder Railroad, which was a lot of fun. I also really enjoy Galaxy’s Edge at night, too. I really feel like I’ve been teleported to a foreign place. We rode Smuggler’s Run and I was supposed to sit that one out too because I was still feeling sick from Star Tours, but no… I rode it. I was the engineer and I tried to focus on the buttons and that again did not help me feeling sick. After Galaxy’s Edge, we made our way back to Tomorrow Land and rode Space Mountain. Again, not the smartest thing for me considering I felt sick, but I had a ton of fun! I kicked butt at Astroblasters! We fell in line for Indiana Jones, but I didn’t ride it. We ate some skewers and then made our way to the shops.

I haven’t spent a full day at the parks since I went to Disney World and to be honest, my body was not prepared for it. I was beat. However, spending the day at the parks with my friends was just a great time. Not only that, but we passed out our cards and candy canes and seeing the smiles on the Cast Member’s faces and showing their gratitude meant a lot to us. It made us realize that they really don’t get a lot of acknowledgement so to be able to show them how much we appreciate them was such a great gesture! I strongly recommend next time going to Disneyland or any of the parks to just really say Thank You to the cast members!

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