The last decade.

Going into 2020, I really have not given it much thought until the past week. To me, it was just another year. Time just seems to go by faster when you are getting older. I started seeing the “10 Year Challenge” on IG and FB where people were posting pictures from 10 years ago and now, as well as posting their decade in review. Then it hit me… HAS IT REALLY BEEN A DECADE? So I figure I should do my own decade review.

2009: I started the year at a new job, where I met some of my lifelong friends. I was not clubbing as much as I was before. I was still part of the “club scene” because my boyfriend at the time was throwing events. Got a tattoo. My cousin who was living with us at the time gave birth to her baby girl, Madison. My grandparents sold their house. My bf and I got an English Bulldog and named him Marley.

2010: Went to Hawaii. Got a tattoo. Got out of a very toxic relationship. We were not good together. HE was not good for me or to me. Lost a bunch of friends due to it. Met new friends. Started going out with someone else. Met Sheena. Went to Vegas a shit ton of times. SF Giants won the World Series. Became a Disney Annual Passholder.

2011: Starred in the Inkies commerical where I got my lip pierced. Had an epic birthday bash in Vegas. My sister had an epic 21st birthday in Vegas. More Vegas trips. My grandpa passed away. Went to the Philippines. Went to Portland. Went to Disneyland.

2012: Went to Disneyland’s One More Day (due to it being a leap year). Went snowboarding and hit my head really hard. My bf broke up with me. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. My bf and I got back together. Went to Miami. More Vegas trips. Went to Hawaii. My bf and I broke up again. SF Giants won the World Series. Daddy turned 60 and we threw him a surprise Bday party. My bf and I got back together. My bff had a baby girl, Jayla. More Disneyland Trips.

2013: Went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my girlfriends. Started a new career within the same company. Had a girls trip to LA. Went to EDC for the first time. Went to Portland. Went to San Diego. Oh, and went to to Disneyland.

2014: Went Blonde. Went to more Disneyland trips. Went to the Backstreet Boys concert. Won Lady Gaga concert tickets. Went to EDC. Small UC Flare. Went to see Lady Gaga again in Vegas. MORE VEGAS. More Disneyland. Moved out and sold my childhood home. Went to Portland. SF Giants won the World Series. Epic girls trip to Vegas.

2015: More Disneyland. Went to Holy Ship/ Bahamas. Went to Miami. More Vegas. My bestie, Bernie, got married and I was a bridesmaid! Went to Comic Con in San Diego. More Portland. More baseball games. More 49er games. Pookie turned 10! Halloween in Vegas. Saw Luke Bryan in concert!

2016: Went to NY. Went to Hawaiii. More Vegas. Small UC Flare. Went to Paris. Went to London. Went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. Madi was diagnosed with Lymphoma (but kicked its ass!). Kayleigh was born (premature, but such a total diva now!). Went to Comic Con San Diego. Saw Luke Bryan in concert. My bf and I broke up. I met T. Halloween in Vegas. Attended GenBeautySF.

2017: Went to Tahoe. Went to Seattle. Went to Japan. Turned 30. Marley passed away. More Disneyland. Saw the Backstreet Boys in Vegas. Went to the D23 Expo. Went to Comic Con San Diego. Went to Mexico. Went to Portland. Parents retired. Pookie passed away.

2018: Adopted Pepper from Taiwan. Roadtrip to Las Vegas. Won a contest for Camp BC in South Lake Tahoe, and got stuck in bad weather and it took us 13 hours to get to Tahoe. Went Glamping at AutoCamp Russian River. Started my succulent addiction. More Tahoe. Went to Hawaii. Went to Jamaica. More Disneyland.

2019: Went to Disneyworld and Universal Studios Orlando. Started my Disney Pin addiction. Went to a GSW/NBA Playoff Game. Had the worse UC Flare ever. Went to Disneyland. Went to Napa. My sister got married and I was MOH. Was hospitalized due to to my UC. Went to Palm Springs. My bestie, Sirena, got married and I was a bridesmaid! More Disneyland. Went to Yosemite and stayed at AutoCamp. Got engaged!

Looking at all the places I’ve seen. All the people that are no longer in my life, and the people that are. Seeing how much I’ve grown and changed. I’ve learned at what I don’t like/want. I learned that I deserve a lot more than what I was allowing myself in all aspects in life.

Also, the past couple of weeks, I’ve been talking to a friend more about my past and my former relationships. Being able to reflect on them has made me realize that I should never settle for less than I deserve regardless of how long I’ve been with them. I started this decade in such a toxic relationship. We started off as friends who shouldn’t have been more than that. We were not good together, and he sure as hell was not good for me. Looking back on that relationship, I should’ve ran far away FAST, but at the same time, he fueled a lot of anger. Because of him, I pushed myself to be better than him. He told me I wouldn’t go anywhere without a college degree, but I sure as hell proved him wrong. He also taught me that in no way should a relationship ever be physical. My last relationship (before T) made me very angry for a while, too. I felt like I had wasted almost 6 years of my life. That I was going to be entering 30 alone and it derailed my “timeline.” But at the end of the day, we were just not on the same page and I shouldn’t force something that wasn’t there. We were very different and just not compatible for each other. Our relationship wasn’t the best, but he is still a good person and I wish him nothing but the best and happiness.

I see how much has happened over the last 10 years and yet, it feels like it’s only been 3 years. How I wish time can go just a tad slower so I can savor all these memories.

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