New projects.

I wrote out and deleted this introduction now five times and I honestly don’t know the proper way to start this. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been having really great and meaningful conversations with various people – and many of them had to do with past experiences of mine and how I dealt with things, as well as my current relationship, my job, my hobbies, etc.

And I thought to keep me busy and my creativity juices flowing, why not do podcasts and YouTube videos? Nothing crazy. Nothing fancy. Just me (and T), some mics and some great topics to discuss.

One thing I want to also document is my wedding planning journey because I’m not going to lie… I AM STRESSED OUT. How do people do this? I’ve been part of several weddings and kind of helped my sister, but like, this is on a whole other level! So I’ll start vlogging my dress appointments and when Taylor and I start looking at venues.

One of my biggest inspos is Katy/Jon. They posted a video on Katy’s page and I loved it. I’ll post it below too. I love how they interact. They’re such couple goals! I mean, in all reality, T and I are couple goals… just saying.

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