Wedding Dress Shopping

For years upon years I would save photos either on my phone or on my Pinterest of dresses I liked for when I would eventually get married. Strapless mermaids with bling everywhere… And then of course my style changed as I got older haha. Now here I am looking for something with straps. OMG who am I?

Anyways, since it was my first time trying on dresses, I brought a couple of girls with me and we went to Trudy’s in Campbell to try on dresses. I’m quite familiar with Trudy’s as my sister and one of my BFF’s both bought their wedding dresses at Trudy’s. I’m only going to post one dress out of the 13 dresses I tried on… I was getting in and out of those wedding dresses cause I honestly couldn’t figure out what I liked. One thing I did know was that I did not want an A-Line dress. It did nothing for me and I left like I was drowning in fabric.

I think I left Trudy’s more confused. I had no idea what I wanted. I literally have 2 other appointments booked next month. And then we have venue appointments coming up! I promise I’ll take you along to the venue appointments!

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