Musubis and Japanese Curry

After we went to Crate & Barrel to make our Wedding Registry, we decided to grab some food. Our original plans were to go to Demiya for some Japanese Curry, but they didn’t open until 11:30am, so changed our plans to get Musubi at a place called Hapa Musubi in Downtown San Jose. The place was super cute inside! I loved how it was decorated. T and I both got 2 musubis each. I got Shrimp Tempura and Egg, Bacon, and Spam. T got Double Spam and Chicken Katsu. I really enjoyed the Shrimp and T enjoyed his Chicken.

After we finished our musubis we were both still pretty hungry so we decided to go to Demiya for Japanese Curry. We’ve been looking for great Japanese Curry because we were obsessed when we went to Japan back in 2017. When we got to Demiya they just opened and already had a line out the door! Whhhaaaaatttt? We decided to stick out the line and after 30+ minutes of waiting, it was finally our turn to place an order at the counter as a table opened up at T saved us the table. T ordered a Ton-Katsu Curry with Spice Level +2 and a fried egg. I ordered a Ton-Katsu Curry with Spice Level +1, fried egg, and mushrooms. The Ton-Katsu Curry came with a deep fried pork cutlet served with rice and a side salad.

You guys. We really wanted to not like the Japanese Curry because that wait was dumb, but OMG IT WAS DELICIOUS. Sooooooo gooooooood !! We need to go back. I’m literally thinking about my dish. I was so full from the musubi that I didn’t finish my Japanese Curry. I ate my leftovers for dinner and it was still delicious. The ton-katsu was still moist. You guys, I’m drooling!

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