Plucked Chicken & Beer.

After T’s fitting at the Nordstrom in Pleasanton, we were hungry so we were looking for a place to grab some food, and T decided on chicken sandwiches at Plucked Chicken & Beer.

When we got there we were the only ones there so we walked up to the counter and placed our order: The Flaming Mo, Tweety Bird, Fries, Blueffalo Chicken Fries, soda, and a beer.

The Flaming Mo: ghost pepper cheese, picked jalapeño, jalapeño sweet heat slaw, Zapp’s Voodoo potato chips, pluck sauce ($9.99 Solo/ $13.99 Meal). This is the sandwich that T picked and he liked it! He liked how the chicken was juicy, but crispy. He thought there was going to be more heat, but the flavor was good. The chips in the sandwich gave it a nice crunch. It didn’t necessarily add any flavor, but it helped with the texture.

Tweety Bird: honey mustard, jalapeño sweet heat slaw, dill pickles ($9.99 Solo/ $12.99 Meal). This was my dinner! The slaw was great! I thought it added another element of crunch to the already crunchy chicken. The slaw wasn’t spicy. The sandwich was super moist so the bottom bun got soggy.

Blueffalo Chicken Fries: fried chicken bites, house buffalo sauce, quest, blue cheese crumbles, green onions ($11.99) T liked them a lot. We were not expecting the fries to come out on this mini tray. Caught me off guard because I wasn’t that hungry. The flavor was great and the buffalo sauce was really good.

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