Bride + Bustle

Thinking about wedding dress shopping has been super stressful and even typing about it now is giving me anxiety. I honestly don’t know what I like and want. There are so many things of various dresses that I tried that I like, but the dress itself wasn’t THE ONE, you know?

I didn’t have that realization moment that I was able to witness my sister or my best friends have and I’m starting to get very discouraged. I tried on a little over 20 dresses and I think I narrowed it down, but the more I look at photos of me in the dresses or me scrolling through pictures of wedding dresses I get more and more confused. I feel like I’m going to be trying on a thousand dresses before I find THE ONE. Augh. This is very discouraging…

Anyways, wedding dress appointment number two was at Bride + Bustle in downtown Los Gatos. I first found this place a few months back before I was even engaged walking around after brunch with Kelsey. The decor was cute and I loved the pink accents. That’s pretty much what sold me haha. So, when it was finally time for me to actually look for a dress, I knew this was a spot I wanted to go to! I scheduled my appointment about a month out by calling them.

I took my mom, sister, cousin, and Bernie. I brought champagne, but I completely forgot to tell the girl helping us that I brought a bottle. They actually allow you to bring one bottle and they will provide the glasses!

The dresses I tried on were all pretty. The ones that I had Sierra write down for me were ones that she picked out for me! Both were stunning dresses by a designer that I really liked.

There were not a ton of selections to choose from and I was probably there for about an hour, but Sierra was great and it was a fun shop. I’ll definitely be back to either browse again or if I finally find a style I like.

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