life update

First thought: once this shelter-in-place is lifted and it is indeed “safe” to go back to normal routines, I need to get my back adjusted by my chiropractor because this discomfort sucks.

Second thought: I should probably start taking yoga or something to loosen my joints and muscles because my chronic pain and joint inflammation is no fun. I find myself in constant pain and discomfort. Who knows. Maybe it is because I am sitting around majority of the day and not really moving? I mean, I set up a standing desk for my WFH station, so I thought that would help?

Third thought: Animal Crossing has literally taken over my life. Heck. It has possessed my soul. There is no turning back now… well… until something else does. I am VERY HAPPY that this game does NOT offer in-game purchases because if it did… my ass would be broke! $4.99 for the Resident Services to be completed. SURE. $9.99 for 10,000 Nook Miles? SAY NO MORE FAM. The fact that as soon as I wake up I turn on my Switch is insane. I don’t think I was this hooked on Pokemon… or was I?

Oh… did I never write in my blog that T and I got married? Like officially married? We’re like legit HUSBAND AND WIFE. We went to City Hall and it was lovely. I’ll post another post dedicated to our little wedding. It was nice. T looks good in a suit… just saying.

Also, I found my wedding dress for our big wedding… something about it just felt right. Again… that’s another blog post that I’ll eventually get to!

… I’ve been “seeing” my therapist every week for the past month… that’s been fun. cause you know… my anxiety has been up the effing wall.

Working from home now… and it sucks. I’ll write another blog about that, too. Also… work sucks. So much bullshit has happened in the past 2 months that i… i just can’t.. literally cannot. all i can do and say is WTF. i would write about it… but like I said.. literally CANNOT. Butttttt… yeah… working from home.

so like this COVID-19 thing has literally threw a wrench into everyone’s plans.. sucks, but at the same time I hope everyone just STAYS THE FUCK HOME so we have a better grip of this whole situation and life goes back to somewhat “normal” because honestly, I don’t think things are really going to go back to normal.

anyways.. that was a quick rundown of what’s been happening. i’ll try to blog more especially since I’m just home in front of the computer/ playing Animal Crossing.

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