Guess What !?

I find it completely…

weird that I am actually writing this out… IM PREGNANT. I mean, you would think that I wouldn’t be as surprised, or that I didn’t see this coming. We were trying. That is nothing new to us. But did I think it was going to happen so soon? Not at all. Am I ready? Fuck No. Do I think Taylor is ready? Maybe? I don’t know. I haven’t told him yet.

Anyways, let’s go down memory lane shall we?

In June, I finally got the OK from my gastroenterologist saying my inflammation is down and my lab works are good that Taylor and I could start having our family. I scheduled an appointment to have my IUD removed mid-June. Of course, I get my period literally two weeks later starting on July 5.

I was scheduled to start my period on July 30th; but when I went to the bathroom on the 27th I noticed some spotting and I was like great, I got my period a little early. Since my last period was like a damn murder scene and shark week combined, I was expecting this to be just as bad. However, on the 28th it was just light spotting, as well so I did not think anything of it. My boobs were hurting really bad though, but I figured since I do not have my IUD anymore, I’m probably getting those horrible side effects. Then the 29th came around and no spotting but still tender boobs. It wasn’t until the weekend (August 1st) when my stomach was hurting – like cramps. When it happened again on Sunday and Monday, but I didn’t have a regular period I knew something was a bit off. So while T was playing on the computer, I peed on a stick and guess what !?

I’m like shit. That can’t be. So I send the photo to my sister and she’s like do you need the one that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” and I told her I had those, too. So of course, I chug water and then pee on another stick.

BIIIIIIITCH. Then it hit me… WTF. I’m pregnant. Then I was like, wait a minute, that might not be right… So I emailed my OBGYN to see if I could schedule like a blood test or something.

My OBGYN emailed me the next day (Tuesday) and was like “At-home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate so no need to schedule a test. We will need to schedule your first prenatal.” So I had my phone appointment to schedule another phone appointment (next week) to then schedule my in-office prenatal examine.


Of course, just for safe measures, I pee on a third stick.

Well then. There ya go. Folks. Baby Johnson is coming!

Fuck. A baby….

Like I can’t just return the crying baby to the parents… WE ARE THE PARENTS.

I wonder how Pepper will be?

OMG.. I’m going to have an April baby. FUCK. ME. My sister did say it’ll most likely be a mini me. I pray to baby Jesus no. Hopefully it’s a boy? Oh geez.

Now I need to figure out how am I going to tell T…

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